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Hunter's Gaze Framed Print

Hunter's Gaze Framed Print

SKU: SSEA01-WM8723/8726
"Hunter's Gaze" framed print, by Edward Aldrich. In this dramatic portrait of one of nature's most powerful and fierce creatures, a grizzly stares intently into the distance. The bear cautiously observes his prey, waiting for the right moment to strike.  Normally a solitary animal, the grizzly is an elusive predator that is surprisingly agile considering it can weigh up to 1000 pounds.  The bear has the ability to run faster uphill rather than down due to the large hump of muscle over its shoulders.  Running in a zig-zag pattern with its nose to the ground, the grizzly picks up the scent of its prey. Grizzlies can feed on moose, deer, elk, sheep, bison, caribou, berries, nuts, and fish. Exterior dimensions as shown: 49"h x 49"w Please call for additional frame and size options.
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